Great content can be the difference between making or losing a sale. Companies like Seekvisibility specialize in creating content that engages readers and gets conversions. However, your content will fall flat if you make any of these all-too-common mistakes:

  • Poor grammar and spelling. Using text speak is fine… when you’re texting. But if your content is riddled with grammar and spelling errors, it simply doesn’t look professional. Not only that, but it completely undermines your credibility. People won’t take what you have to say seriously if you don’t use proper capitalization or punctuation.
  • Not writing for your target market. Trying to create content for a general audience is about as effective as trying to please all of the people, all of the time. For instance, 18-year-old gamers and 30-something-year-old soccer moms are two very different groups. You’ll be much better off and your content more effective if you write with your target market in mind and don’t worry about anyone else.
  • Making it all about you and not your reader. If your content is nothing but one long sales pitch, your readers are going to be turned off in a heartbeat. Likewise, if your content is exclusively about company updates, no one is going to be interested. Save those updates for the company newsletter and start taking your readers’ needs into consideration. With that in mind…
  • Not providing value. Content is the perfect opportunity to answer customers’ questions and offer quality advice and insight. Not only will this help form a connection with your customers, it will also position you as an expert in your industry. Everyone loves how-to articles and handy tips, so find out what your customers want to know and write about it. Even better, when people find your content valuable, they are much more likely to share it on social media.
  • Not having a strategy. If you only publish content when you feel like it or if you don’t have an overall content marketing strategy, it will be about as effective as trying to hit a bullseye on a dart board while blindfolded. To create a strategy, remember who your target market is. Next, develop an editorial calendar so you can schedule regular posts. Create compelling content ahead of time so it’s always ready to go and you can keep your calendar on track.


Avoid these mistakes and your content is sure to be more effective.